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 About Us 

Technichem was founded in 1984, in response to increased environmental awareness regarding the uncontrolled use of chemicals and the potential effects on water and air quality.  By substituting safer components, developing recycling technologies, and creating safer chemical formulations; Technichem leads the way to 21st-century extensively researched and carefully planned chemical applications.  We encourage you to review Technichem's product and service offerings to find a better solution to your new or existing operations.

The major dilemma facing rapidly developing industries is the quest to balance economic development and environmental awareness.  This balance must be carefully considered to minimize any adverse impacts, yet achieve real value for products and services.  Technichem invites you to join our commitment to ensure successful development by using leading-edge technologies and thoughtful analysis to find acceptable solutions. An acceptable solution exists; we only need to work hard enough to find it.

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