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The 21st century welcomed a new era of technology.  This burgeoning technology era is constantly influenced by factors that include sustainability, environmental impact, and product safety.  Technichem's core businesses are challenged to meet the demands of these seemingly daunting factors.  Clients demanded better quality products, with lower costs and reduced environmental consequences.

Technichem's early mission of material reduction and material recycling has transformed into the difficult and challenging arena of developing new formulations, replacing the use of long-established industry components. Some of these established components are currently criticized for their adverse environmental effects or for their risk to users and consumers. 

Using the most advanced production methods available and coupling the results with analytical analysis on the molecular level, Technichem has been able to formulate new and exciting possibilities.  Products can be custom crafted to maximize efficiency while monitoring the environmental impacts during each development iteration.

Manufacturing has expanded from regional to global dimensions.  This expansion has highlighted the continuous journey to maintain quality and create better products.  The focus on product quality, environmental responsibility, and social awareness has never been so pronounced. Technichem’s culture of utilizing and managing environmentally safer materials can vault companies into a more favorable social regime. 

Contact Technichem today and transform your products!

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