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Specialty Chemicals and Solvents

  • Safer and better quality products

  • Substitution with plant-based materials

  • Reduced user risk

Chlorinated Solvents

Technichem has extensive research, development, and manufacturing experience with solvent formulation and purification technology.  As a result, many of Technichem’s products are used as industry standards in applications such as textile cleaning and electronic component preparation.  Technichem’s solvent purification patents and associated technologies are used globally to consistently produce cost-effective, high purity products.


Each of these unique Tetracholoroethylene products contains a blend of stabilizers and inhibitors designed for specific applications.  For customized formulations, please contact us.

  • Tetrachloroethylene EG - Electronic Production/Catalyst Regeneration

  • Tetrachloroethylene TG - Textile Cleaning Grade

Technichem has 30 years of research, development, and manufacturing experience in chemical formulations and purification technologies.  Each Technichem product is formulated for a specific application with regard to efficacy, expense, and environmental safety.  Technichem continues to embrace “product stewardship” with every formulation prepared for either intermediate or final use.  Twenty-first-century technologies are utilized to create products that increase product quality and minimize harmful environmental or user harm.  Discover the possibilities…





For Plant Extraction


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